Definitions for "Detect"
Detect is an MC based in Melbourne, Australia. He started writing rhymes and beats in 1992 and got involved in the local hip-hop scene when he started a hip-hop radio show on 95.7 and the first weekly hip-hop night in Melbourne: "The Cypher". Since then Detect has gone on to do shows in Australia and the United States performing alongside acts such as Living Legends, Naughty by Nature, Breez Evahflowin' and Public Enemy.
To sense or obtain a measurable indication from an anomaly in a pipeline.
Keywords:  accuse, inform
To inform against; to accuse.
Keywords:  imperfection, act, locating
The act of locating an imperfection.
Keywords:  invisibility, cast, spell
Cast Detect-Invisibility (Spell)
Keywords:  isolate, point
isolate point
to determine the existence of something