Definitions for "Descriptors"
a word or a group of words used as a subject to describe the content in books, articles, and other materials for the purpose of indexing or organizing these items by topic.
key words used in indexes; see key words.
The terms that make up the controlled vocabulary used to describe the content of records in electronic databases. (See also Subject Heading)
Terms used to describe or characterize cultivars or to distinguish plants or seeds collected in germplasm programs.
terms assigned to database records to place them within categories
An OracleAS TopLink object that describes how an object's attributes and relationships are to be represented in relational database table(s). An "OracleAS TopLink descriptor" is not the same as a deployment descriptor, although it plays a similar role.
everything, besides the Planet scores, that expresses your character in game-mechanical terms; essentially everything on your character sheet except for the Storypath cards and Planets (and Name). Some have special names, such as Traits, Flaws, Powers, etc.
Variables used to profile or build a fuller picture of target segments. p. 228