Definitions for "Descriptive"
Tending to describe; having the quality of representing; containing description; as, a descriptive figure; a descriptive phrase; a descriptive narration; a story descriptive of the age.
serving to describe or inform or characterized by description; "the descriptive variable"; "a descriptive passage"
concerned with phenomena (especially language) at a particular period without considering historical antecedents; "synchronic linguistics"; "descriptive linguistics"
Portrayal of content in words, either oral ly or written. When applied to instruction s, implies information concerning how something is to be done, rather than step by step details of what is to be done, i.e. Prescriptive. [D02651] RMW
resolution The level of ecological/geomorphological detail to which a sensor can map a given area. Equivalent to habitat discrimination.
Also known as English Descriptive Notation. The form of notation in which each square has two names, depending on which side of the board is moving a piece. Most modern players consider this method archaic. See algebraic.
In trademark law, "descriptive" is one of the categories of marks on the spectrum of distinctiveness. For instance, "New York Apple Company", if used to name a company that distributes apples from the State of New York, is a "descriptive" mark. "Descriptive" marks are inherently less source-identifying, and therefore are more subject to trademark fair use.
statistics refers to statistics use to summarize characteristics or outcomes from a data set.