Definitions for "deregulation"
The removal of government controls from an industry or sector, to allow for a free and efficient marketplace.
The removal of government restrictions on the functions of the market.
Deregulation refers to clearing away rules, regulations, paperwork requirements, or approval processes that affect the performance of public servants or the performance of industries, sectors, programs, overseen by public servants.
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a major milestone in the path to commercializing a PRSV-resistant papaya, but several hurdles remain
Allowing other suppliers the opportunity to sell natural gas to customers, the serivce of purchasing gas has been separated from the distribution function of the utility.
Separating the service of purchasing natural gas from the distribution function of the utility. This allows other nonregulated suppliers the opportunity to sell natural gas to customers. The utility continues to deliver the natural gas.
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(1) A 1983 Federal Communications Committee ruling which freed the interexchange carriers from the need to file rate changes or seek authority from FCC to expand. AT&T was not deregulated because of its economic power and market dominance.
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discount rate disinflation
See Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act of 1980.
A reduction in the number of laws affecting business activity.