Definitions for "Deposits"
Oil-insoluble materials that result from oxidation of the oil and contamination from external sources and settle out in system components as sludge and varnish.
Oil-insoluble materials that result from oxidation and decomposition of lube oil and contamination from external sources and engine blow-by. These can settle out on machine or engine parts. Examples are sludge, varnish, lacquer and carbon.
The monies you choose to contribute to the FSSP from your tax-deferred eligible compensation.
Deposit amounts vary from property to property. Deposit implies that monies will be conditionally refunded when a tenant vacates the property. This should be verified at the time the lease is signed.
In the case of a condominium dwelling unit, the deposit includes monies received by a vendor after the date of possession and prior to the date of transfer, but does not include the interim occupancy fee.
In the context of required not disclosures, cash and near cash items placed on account with a financial institution or fiscal agent. Some deposits (e.g., checking accounts) are subject to withdrawal upon demand without notice or penalty (demand deposits) and others (e.g., certificates of deposit) can only be withdrawn without penalty upon completion of a fixed period (time deposits)
total savings (time and demand deposits) entrusted to a bank.
funds that have been entrusted to a thrift.
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Deposits refer to the formation of solid layers coating the walls of the cooling system or blocking narrow coolant passages as in the radiator and heat core. Depoits, called scale will form on the hotter zones in the cooling sytem due to the use of hard water containing containing magnesium and calcium. Deposits can also form when traditional corrosion inhibitor such as silicates, fall out of the coolant and are carried to narrow sections of the system where plugging may occur. Finally, deposits can be formed from corrosion products and lead to plugging. Solder bloom is one such deposit.
This usually refers to an area where gold or other metal has been found. There are two types of placer deposits; eluvial deposits, located near the originating lode; and alluvial deposits, found at considerable distances from the originating lode.
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The amount purchased from the cashier by customers / players for their use in the casino.
Check this box to enter deposit amounts.
On the balance sheet of a company, the funds accepted from customers or banks are generally indicated as deposits. See also: Receivables, Advances and loans. Français: Dépôts Español: Depósitos
something laid down; especially: matter deposited by a natural process Minnehaha: Point-Source Pollution
a matter for the attorney's professional judgement, based upon all factors
rock or unconsolidated material laid down by water, wind or ice.
accumulations of substances, usually tear film components, onto the contact lens surface and/or in the lens material.
Debris that builds up on aging contact lenses and interferes with vision and comfort. Usually protein or fat, but may also be makeup and hairspray.
accumulations of substances (usually protein) onto the contact lens
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Advance on mortgage products.
All clients make payments against specific invoices. Any deposit or pre-payment must be applied to an invoice created for the deposit amount. For deposits against a job, add an advanced billing invoice using that job number and a task. Once posted, the deposit can be applied as a payment to the job's future invoices.
Any collection of underground minerals or resources that can be extracted, processed and sold
Payments received by an insurer not included as revenue but included as a policyholder account balance.
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See Water Spotting.