Definitions for "Deploy"
To open out; to unfold; to spread out (a body of troops) in such a way that they shall display a wider front and less depth; -- the reverse of ploy; as, to deploy a column of troops into line of battle.
The act of deploying; a spreading out of a body of men in order to extend their front.
(de-PLOI) verb—to spread out or place like military troops
This word is used when a satellite or some other object is going to be put into space by a shuttle mission specialist.. Quite often, the shuttle's robotic arm is used during a deployment.
To use for an intended purpose or end. For example, when the Real Broadcast Network (RBN) is stated as having the largest deployment of RealSystem G2, this means RBN utilizes more of this technology on its network than anyone else.
To place (people or other resources) into a position so as to be ready to for action or use.
To transfer an application to a location where others can access it. The location can be on the local server's file system or a remote server connected to the Internet.
To make a HATS application ready for use on the server, using functions in WebSphere Application Server, after transfer has taken place. Note that WebSphere documentation sometimes uses the term install as a synonym for this process. (See also transfer.)
A package is deployed on an individual host by making the bits needed to use that package available, by putting a copy of the bits on the individual host, or by symlinking to a common global copy, or by adding a suitable automount-table entry, or.... See also revealing...
Move completed content from the staging area to the website E to M
Copy completed content from the STAGING area to the website
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Play a unit, leader or naval squadron from your hand to the board, thus forming new command (except in the case of naval squadrons, which are never part of a command).
The phase associated with delivery of a new product/service to the production environment.
defines where (in which instance of a runtime environment, and, ultimately, on which physical computing device) component behavior is executed
Directive for the flight to maneuver to briefed positioning.
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The act of sending the email campaign after testing.
Add a remote object to an Object Monitor so that it is available to clients.