Definitions for "Dependency"
State of being dependent; dependence; state of being subordinate; subordination; concatenation; connection; reliance; trust.
That which is attached to something else as its consequence, subordinate, satellite, and the like.
The reliance, either direct or indirect, of one process or activity upon another.
A thing hanging down; a dependence.
a relationship between parts of an UML model drawn as a dashed line with an arrow head that indicates that if one thing changes then the change may effect the other thing. Often one thing uses the other thing( usage). [ uml.gen.gif ] [ usage.gif
A timing relationship between two tasks or activities in a project. A dependency can cause a task to start after or before another task, or to start at some point during the life of the other task.
Subdivisions within the address which are essential to uniquely identify two or more places linked by the same location, eg: Hamlin Hamlet, Small Village, Exeter and Ham House Hamlet, Small Village, Exeter
The term may be used to indicate the condition of a country which relies excessively on the sale of one primary commodity and/or is too dependent on another country as a customer and supplier. Français: Dépendance Español: Dependencia
a condition in which a country becomes part of the economy of a larger country, providing one or two products for export. For example, Honduras produces almost nothing but bananas for export. The economy and prosperity of such countries are at the mercy of the market for that product. (Contrast SELF-SUFFICIENCY.)
A term which describes a child whose parents are willing, but unable, to provide necessary care and supervision.
a legal situation where there is no parent or guardian able or capable of providing for a child
Most often used to describe those in society who are unable to care for themselves. That includes small children, handicapped people (both mentally and physically), the elderly, etc. As used in these lessons, however, it refers to those who allow someone else to carry them along financially and, sometimes, administratively.
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A resource that is assumed available, and will stop or impact the project if it is not. Dependencies usually apply to deliverables, people or events within the project and become risk when the resource is out of the project leadr's control.
a known activity, project or function that impacts on, or is impacted by, the project
A dependency is a prerequisite that must be satisfied before the execution of a job or job stream can proceed. The maximum number of dependencies permitted for a job or job stream is 40. The four types of dependencies used by Tivoli Workload Scheduler are follows dependencies, resource dependencies, file dependencies, and prompt dependencies.
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the view (derived from systems theories) that the possession of organizational power can be explained by the extent to which organizations are dependent on particular groups or individuals to cope with key areas of uncertainty.
The extent to which a person needs help from others to maintain a normal life; distinct from autonomy.
being abnormally tolerant to and dependent on something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming (especially alcohol or narcotic drugs)
state of being mentally or physically reliant on something, especially a drug Humans as organisms
a requirement for one or more additional packages
When one instruction or program statement requires the result of another as its input, and so depends on the completion of the other. A loop contains a dependency when one iteration of the loop requires the result of a prior iteration; such loops cannot be parallelized. In a superscalar CPU, an instruction cannot complete until its dependencies are satisfied by the completion of the instructions that prepare its operand values.
a global variable (the dependent variable) and an associated definition that is like a function with no arguments
a global variable , the dependent variable, with an associated niladic definition
A territory remote from the kingdom or state to which it belongs, but subject to its dominion; a colony; as, Great Britain has its dependencies in Asia, Africa, and America.
exemption Amount that taxpayers can claim for their eligible dependents. Each exemption reduces the income subject to tax. The exemption amount is a set amount that changes from year to year.
this is a psychic and sometimes physical state, a result from the reaction between a certain living organism and a particular substance. It can be categorized by reactions, which always include striving for long-term reception of this substance in order the person to feel its psychic effects or to avoid the discomfort of its absence
When installing software under linux/unix the software sometimes requires other softwares (usually called "libraries") to be installed before the orginal application can be installed. These required softwares or libraries are usually referred to as dependencies.
Occurs when a shared library depends on other libraries - that is, when the shared library was built (with ld -b), other libraries were specified on the command line. See also "dependent library."
"Recognition that one software component will be adversely affected if another one changes. Most software has dependencies on its operating system, but will also have dependencies of an often deep stack of other software components."
an unexpectedly frequent or infrequent co-occurrence of events over time
Behavioural dependencies describe relations between behavioural features. There are three kinds of dependencies: causal dependencies, mathematical dependencies and correspondences.
a grouping of install and uninstall check functions which should be called before performing that action, they are represented by a depend structure
The state of needing support or nurturing from a less dependent individual. Children are considered dependent human beings for a relatively long period of time (14-25 years old).
This is when a component of a product is dependent on an outside group. The delivery of the product or the reaching a certain milestone is affected.
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n. A minor exposure.
a greater than average requirement, requiring greater intake and/or sun exposure
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See Waiting on Dependency.
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See patch dependency.
lack of independence or self-sufficiency
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a better solution for this problem
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a file that is necessary for a file to load and run properly
a condition that is established when the value of an attribute is dependent on the value of another attribute.
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a relation between two classes in which a change in one may force changes in the other
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a type of restriction