Definitions for "Department of Transportation"
Establishes the nation's overall transportation policy. Under its umbrella there are ten administrations whose jurisdictions include highway planning, development and construction; urban mass transit; railroads; aviation; and the safety of waterways, ports, highways, and oil and gas pipelines. The Department of Transportation (DOT) was established by act of October 15, 1966, as amended (49 U.S.C. 102 and 102 note), "to assure the coordinated, effective administration of the transportation programs of the Federal Government" and to develop "national transportation policies and programs conducive to the provision of fast, safe, efficient, and convenient transportation at the lowest cost consistent therewith." (OFR1)
When used alone, indicated U.S. Department of Transportation. In conjunction with a place name, indicates state, city, or county transportation agency (e.g., Virginia DOT, Illinois DOT).
The cabinet- level department of the federal government that is responsible for administration of federal transportation programs including public transportation, highways and railroads.