Definitions for "Density"
The quality of being dense, close, or thick; compactness; -- opposed to rarity.
The ratio of mass, or quantity of matter, to bulk or volume, esp. as compared with the mass and volume of a portion of some substance used as a standard.
Weight of air or charge per cubic foot of volume
The logarithm of the degree of opacity of a translucent medium; expressed as D = log (1/Trans).
The darkness of a printed image
The degree to which a surface absorbs light.
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This measure of quality in a rug is determined by the amount of yarn and the pile height in a given area of the rug.
Refers to the closeness of the tufts or knots. The denser the pile, the better your rug will wear.
Refers to the amount of pile yarn in the carpet and the closeness of the tufts. The more densely or tightly packed the yarn is, the more luxurious the pile will feel.
the relative amount of silver present in various areas of film or paper after exposure or development; therefore, the darkness of a photographic print or the light-stopping ability of a negative or transparency
Indirectly refers to the amount of exposure in a transparency or negative. In negatives, overexposure results in increased density, underexposure causes less density. In transparencies, the opposite is true.
The density of a negative means how opaque or transparant it is. The darker the negative is the higher the density is.
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In real estate, building bigger or taller buildings on a given amount of land increases the project's density. For example, if your block is 80,000 square feet, a one story building covering only 20,000 square feet of ground is lower density than a one story building covering all 80,000 square feet. Similarly, a one story building covering 20,000 square feet is lower density than a 10 story building covering 20,000 square feet.
In real estate, building bigger or taller buildings on a given amount of land increases the project’s density. For example, if your block is 80,000 SF, a 1-story building covering only 20,000 SF of ground is less dense than a 1-story building covering all 80,000 SF. Similarly, a 1-story building covering 20,000 SF is less dense than a 10-story building covering 20,000 SF.
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Malar Stimulus
Lymphoblasts Stimulus
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Mononuclear Toxoid
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Narcolepsy Supine
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5320 kg/m^3 Properties at temp=300 K,wavelength not given for refractive index Semiconductor Sensors,by S.M.Sze,UMC chair professor,John Wiley & Sons ,INC.Appendix D, p.535
Density refers to the etheric vibrational frequency spectrum, organized into various bands or octaves over which all existence is experienced. "Density" denotes a vibrational frequency, not to be confused with "a location in time and space" which the term "dimension" traditionally implies. All forms of energy have a particular range of vibrational density or frequency - minerals, plants, animals, humans, extraterrestrials, celestial Beings, etc. Density bands describe a range of frequencies...for example, the 4th band of density ranges from 4.0 to 4.99, the 5th from 5.0 to 5.99 and so on. As examples, current human physical bodies function in the 3rd and 4th density bands. Ascended Masters function in 9th, Maitreya functions in 10th, and Universal Source functions in 11th.
A measure of how much stuff is packed into a space. High density means it is heavy. Low density means it is light and fluffy.
Usually refers to the density of a barcode. Barcodes printed with a small X Dimension are more dense than those printed with a large X Dimension because more information can be crammed into a given space. Density is usually expressed in mils.
is the measure of how many entities are related to others in a set. Density () is measured by the ratio of the actual number of non-reflexive arcs in proportion to the maximum possible number of non-reflexive arcs:= å å ij
Term referring to the visual thickness of hair or the number of hairs in a given area of the scalp.
Population divided by the county's square miles of land area. A simple basis for relating population to a county's size. Thus, two counties with the same population can have sharply divergent densities because of difference in land area. The figure may suffer because the land area will include railroad freight yards, wildlife preserves, industrial parks and other nonresidential areas, resulting in a misleading density level.
The compactness or crowdedness of matter (e.g., water molecules) in a given area.
The term used to designate the compactness of a bar code which measures the narrowest element (usually in mils) of that bar code.
The amount of darkness or light in an area of a scan reflects the compactness and density of tissue. Differences in tissue density are the basis for CT and MR scans.
The opposite of dilution, is a wine which is highly concentrated. These wines are aromatic and very flavoursome.
Density refers to how densely planted the vineyard is. When combined with vineyard quality and Yield one can gain insight into the concentration of flavor to be expected in the grapes and wine.
The concentration of a nutrient in a feed.
The number of rows and columns in a scanned matrix symbol.
of a matrix. The portion of nonzeroes (= 1 - sparsity).
Modification Transduction
Density is a brightness control to lighten or darken a printout to more closely reflect its screen appearance and to compensate for deficiencies in toner or paper quality.
Monoclonal Translational
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Pillow Lava
Malaise Toxics Release Inventory
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supplement is an additional payment made under the ECS grant program to towns with higher than average population density.
Refers to a diskette’s data capacity. Double density (DD) disks hold twice as much information as single density, and high density (HD—today’s standard) hold about twice as much as double density.
Development well Directional "deviated" well Dolomite
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Nerve Suppression
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Depth of shade.
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The amount of fibers within an area of carpet.
The amount or "density" of silver on an exposed and processed piece of film.
The amount of hair within the head shape.
densities on plain x-rays vary from black to white, depending on the composition of the material the x-rays pass through; black indicates the lowest x-ray density (air) and white, the highest (bone)
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the % of potential relationships in a social network that actually exist in the network. Relationships are ordered, so the fact that A considers B to be his/her friend does not mean that B considers A to be his/her friend. The number of potential ordered relationships in a social network with N nodes equals n times n-1.
Characteristic displayed by managers, editors, etc.
Department Of Housing And Urban Development (HUD)
vertical and horizontal resolution in pixels of the image
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Percentage of keywords on a page
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The thickness of a layer of ink on a printed sheet.
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See optical density.
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or density function see probability density function
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See Character Density for details.
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Generally, bit recording density.