Definitions for "Denim"
Keywords:  twill, indigo, jeans, undyed, weft
A coarse cotton drilling used for overalls, etc.
An economical single layer fabric used in some leather palm gloves.
A rugged, durable twill fabric that is most popular in indigo blue. Denim rules the casual apparel world, but it has also become popular in decorative fabrics for the home.
Keywords:  glam, frontman, brash, brainchild, punk
Denim are the brainchild of the frontman of 1980s post-punk outfit Felt, Lawrence Hayward (more commonly known as just 'Lawrence'). Teaming glam rock with cutting and humorous lyrics, Denim's brash ways differed greatly from Felt. Back in Denim was released in 1992, and was followed up four years later by Denim On Ice, which earned them a support slot with Pulp who were long time fans of Lawrence and his work.
Keywords:  jeep, vinyl, geometric, fine, pattern
a fine geometric pattern used for Jeep® vinyl tops since about 1970
Keywords:  pants, casual, plural, heavy, wear
(usually plural) close-fitting pants of heavy denim for casual wear