Definitions for "Democratic Labour Party"
The Democratic Labour Party is the social-democratic opposition party in Barbados. It currently has 7 of 30 seats in the Parliament of Barbados, and is led by David Thompson. Thompson replaced Clyde Mascoll in 2006 when Mascoll resigned his party post and joined the ruling Barbados Labour Party.
The Democratic Labour Party(DLP) is a political party in South Korea, established in January 2000. It was founded in the effort to create a political wing for the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (Minju Nochong in Korean), the more leftist of the two union federations in South Korea. Its president is Moon Sung-hyun(문성현).
The Democratic Labour Party (PDT - Partido Democrático Trabalhista) is a left-wing political party in Brazil. It was founded in 1979 by left-wing leader Leonel Brizola as an attempt to reorganize the Brazilian leftist forces during the end of the Brazilian military dictatorship. It joined the Socialist International in 1986.