Definitions for "Dementia"
Insanity; madness; esp. that form which consists in weakness or total loss of thought and reason; mental imbecility; idiocy.
Impairment of many or all higher brain functions; mental deterioration with impaired orientation to time/place/person, along with impaired memory and judgement. Multi-infarct dementia can be caused by a series of strokes.
Deterioration in cognitive and behavioral functioning due to physiological causes.
Neuropathy Toxicity
Overdose Ubiquinone
Overdose Toxic
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Neuropeptides Vagal
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Megestrol Thrombosis
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Niacin Triazolam
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Neomycin Tetanus
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Nortriptyline Ventral
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Necrosis Symptomatic
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Neurosurgery Tomography
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Dementia is a film by John Parker. Made in 1955, it is also known as Daughter of Horror (USA) (recut version). The film is 56 minutes long.
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Molecular Thyroxine
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Neuronal Tremor
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Ocular Tone
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Italic text
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Menstruation Urinary