Definitions for "DELIVERED"
A delivery term under which the seller prices his goods to include all costs including cost, insurance and freight, import duties and any other expenses up to the place where the buyers takes delivery, such as his works or warehouse. Refer to INCOTERMS for standard definition.
This term usually means the same as "at the destination" except when the term basing point is introduced in order to price material in the fashion so required. When the word delivered follows a certain number of dollars, it usually means that the seller will arrange for the means of transportation requested by the buyer and will also arrange to have the material delivered or taken to the destination at his cost. Negotiations that are not a "delivered" basis are on a "shipping point" basis.
A bid, offer, or quoted market which includes the cost of loading, transporting, and unloading the product at the location specified by the buyer.
dose (for an organ or cell): The amount of a chemical available for interaction by any particular organ or cell.