Definitions for "DELEGATION"
In American politics, an article of merchandise that comes in sets.
The act of delegating, or investing with authority to act for another; the appointment of a delegate or delegates.
One or more persons appointed or chosen, and commissioned to represent others, as in a convention, in Congress, etc.; the collective body of delegates; as, the delegation from Massachusetts; a deputation.
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The process by which the nameservers responsible for a given Domain Name or IP is published so that the records can be found.
Delegation, as a verb (see also delegate), is the process of designating the nameservers for a domain. As a noun, it is used to refer to the current set of nameservers to which a domain has been delegated.
The way responsibility for domains is handed down from the top (ICANN) to the bottom (The ISP who actually looks after your domain for you.
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Delegation is an Irish quiz show, broadcast on RTÉ One, produced by Adare Productions and hosted by Tomás Ó'Brannagain.
an implementation mechanism in which an object, responding to an operation on itself, forwards the operation to another object; a mechanism in which methods may be attached directly to instances and where the method resolution is performed by searching a chain of instance pointers, rather than by searching a class heirarchy.
A way of extending a class in an object-oriented framework. In object-oriented design methodology, delegation is a form of class composition.
a subclass of an interface class
group of people chosen to represent a larger group of people
a group of representatives or delegates
a grouping of several local communitieswith juridical personality
Team of leaders.
The level of authority an agent must work within to carry out their job. (See also discretionary limit.) For example, an agent may have delegation to refund up to $100. Beyond this, the call must be escalated to a supervisor or team leader.
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(Context: DNS) A method for designating a different DNS server for a sub-domain. Uses NS records which, when used in this manner, are also called "glue records". Men&Mice
an NS record in the parent zone that lists the name server that is authoritative for the delegated zone
A technique that consists of using a more powerful abstract data type to implement a less powerful one, by using a subset of the operations on the more powerful data structure.
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Direct shipment network