Definitions for "Delayed penalty"
A penalty that is not called against a player until his team gains possession of the puck.
A team shall not be shorthanded on the ice more than two players at any one time because of imposed penalties. Therefore, should a team receive a third penalty, that penalty shall be delayed in its start until one of the preceding penalties has terminated. Also, the referee will not call a penalty until the offending team has touched the puck. Delayed Whistle: When a violation occurs, the official will not blow the whistle to stop play as long as the non-offending team is in possession of the puck. The moment the offending team touches the puck play will be stopped.
A situation when one player on a team commits a penalty, but the other has possession of the puck. The referee does not whistle down the play until the offending team regains control of the puck. The team about to go on a power play often pulls its goalie in favour of an extra skater until the play stops.