Definitions for "Del"
Deutsche Eishockey-Liga
Deutschen Eishockey-Liga
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a differential operator which, operating on a function of several variables, gives the sum of the partial derivatives of the function with respect to the three orthogonal spatial coordinates; -- also called the gradient or grad. It is represented by an inverted Greek capital delta (*), and is thus because of its shape also called nabla, meaning harp in Hebrew.
Del operator, represented by the nabla symbol.
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DEL is a Norwegian rock band formed in 1996 by Per Gisle Galåen, Lasse Marhaug and Kjell Runar "Killer" Jenssen. The band's music is mostly improvised and heavily influcenced by drone music, space rock, psychedelic rock, noise music and obscure horror films.
Index Definition: Deleted Text Description: Identifies and displays text as having been deleted from the document in relation to a previous version.
is a character that runs the command to delete one character of text. See section Commandes d''edition 'el'ementaires.
DEL is a character that runs the command to delete one character of text. See DEL.
Diesel Electric Locomotive and car wiring with Okonite insulation and Okolon jacket.
See Dialog Editing Library (DEL).
Dialog Editing Library. A library of C functions that permits dynamic, persistent creation and editing of dialog descriptors at run-time. See also Advanced Development Environment (ADE).
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The Mongol coat
FileToDelete DELetes a file. prompts for confirmation to do the delete.
(Latin, deleavit) He (she) drew it. Generally inscribed next to the artist's signature.
Departmental Expenditure Limit.
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Heavy Leather robe covered in cloth or fur, worn in the winter
Department for Employment and Learning
Department of Education and Learning in Northern Ireland
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Deployment Equipment List
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Direct Exchange Line.
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Share; portion; part.
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Deletes one or more files.
of the, from the, by the