Definitions for "Deify"
Keywords:  exalt, deity, god, apotheosize, julius
To make a god of; to exalt to the rank of a deity; to enroll among the deities; to apotheosize; as, Julius C├Žsar was deified.
To praise or revere as a deity; to treat as an object of supreme regard; as, to deify money.
consider as a god or god-like; "These young men deify financial success"
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"Deify" is track number four on the band Disturbed's third album Ten Thousand Fists. Many people believe that this song is directly aimed at George W. Bush because they use a clip of his 9/11 speech.
Deify is a hard rock/heavy metal song by Disturbed off of their newest album, Ten Thousand Fists.
Keywords:  godlike, render
To render godlike.