Definitions for "Degrees"
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The certification that documents that a students has completed all of the requirements for a particular field of study. Degrees come in 4 forms: Certification, Associate, Bachelor's, and Graduate.
Degrees are rewards for the successful completion of a prescribed program of study. There are three basic types of degrees: Associate - obtainable at a two-year community (GCC!) or junior college, Baccalaureate or Bachelor's - offered by four-year colleges and universities, and; Graduate - Obtained after the bachelor's degree, i.e., Masters or Doctorate.
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the gradations of a temperature scale; also a unit of measurement of an angle.
A circle has 360 degrees, in astrology; degrees are the commonly used unit of measurement.
Measurement of an angle. 360 degrees make up a complete circle. A square has 90 degree corners.
A title that is earned, generally beginning at initiation. There are usually 3 degrees, initiation being the first.
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Container for one or more degrees