Definitions for "Degenerative"
Molecular Transplantation
Membrane Selenium
Nitrofurantoin Thyroxine
Deterioration or impairment of an organ or part in structure of cells and the substances of which they are a part. A general term used in conjunction with aging.
A degenerative disease is one in which there is a worsening of physical qualities affecting particular tissues or parts of the body, often leading to impairment of function.
Marked by or pertaining to deterioration; particularly, deterioration of the function or structure of tissue or changes from a higher to a lower or less functionally active form.
Neonatal Ulceration
Neonatal Systemic
Neisseria Ulcer
Overdose Translations
Neuropsychology Tinnitus
Neuropsychology Translations
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Keywords:  melphalan
Keywords:  myiasis
Mitoxantrone Splenectomy
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Keywords:  mycotic
Keywords:  nosocomial, trichomonas
Nosocomial Trichomonas
Keywords:  urinalysis
Keywords:  morphogenesis
Keywords:  thrombolytic, midwifery
Midwifery Thrombolytic
Keywords:  telomerase, methotrexate
Methotrexate Telomerase
Keywords:  nifedipine, vasodilator
Nifedipine Vasodilator
Keywords:  tendinitis
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Keywords:  myalgia, transgenes
Myalgia Transgenes
Keywords:  salivation, mastication
Mastication Salivation
Keywords:  mesenteric, stents
Mesenteric Stents
Keywords:  thyrotoxicosis, ocular
Ocular Thyrotoxicosis
Keywords:  ketoacidosis, thrombosis
Ketoacidosis Thrombosis
Keywords:  uricosuric, meningitis
Meningitis Uricosuric
Keywords:  mononucleosis, toxic
Mononucleosis Toxic
Keywords:  toothache, neuropathy
Neuropathy Toothache
Keywords:  vaccinia, neutrophil
Neutrophil Vaccinia
Keywords:  spastic
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Nausea Transfusion
Nausea Symbiosis
Wear and tear of the intervertebral disc, which may represent normal Disc Disease (DDD) aging or may be due to long-standing trauma. This involves small tears in the annulus (outer covering of the disc), and lack of water content of the nucleus (the gel-like center of the disc). This degenerative cascade can lead to disc bulging, bone spurs, and loss of disc height, which can affect the nerve roots.
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Keywords:  mandible, stenosis
Mandible Stenosis
Monocytes Topical
Menstruation Topical
Notochord Topical
Necrosis Thyroid Hormones
Mobilization Thyroid
Keywords:  syphilis, meiosis
Meiosis Syphilis
Keywords:  oximetry, wakefulness
Oximetry Wakefulness
Lymphadenitis Sensitization
Keywords:  papillomavirus, vaginal
Papillomavirus Vaginal
Keywords:  urodynamics, orgasm
Orgasm Urodynamics
Keywords:  myeloma, tolerance
Myeloma Tolerance
Keywords:  metastasis, seizures
Metastasis Seizures
Keywords:  toxicology, modulator
Modulator Toxicology
Keywords:  mucosa, tone
Mucosa Tone
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The lesion results from intersegmental instability of long duration.
Undergoing or producing degeneration; tending to degenerate.
Undergoing degeneration: growing less healthy over time.
the breakdown of the cartilage lining the bones in joints, usually weight-bearing joints (such as the knee); causes stiffness and pain (also called osteoarthritis)
resulting due to degeneration and shifting out the facet joints
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Oral Venereal
Neurotransmitter Urinary
Keywords:  millimeter, systemic
Millimeter Systemic
Keywords:  viral, oxidation
Oxidation Viral
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Keywords:  mediator, surgical
Mediator Surgical
Keywords:  sulfur, localization
Localization Sulfur
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Of or pertaining to degeneration.
Keywords:  stabilization
Keywords:  staging
Keywords:  spotting, mineralization
Mineralization Spotting
Keywords:  breaks, age, related, down
Breaks down; age-related.
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