Definitions for "Deformation"
This is one of the principal phenomena monitored during an eruption. The surface of the volcano responds to changes within the interior of the volcano or deeper in the magma chamber. The volcano can swell (inflate) or subside (deflate) to allow inferences to be made about the magma pressure.
The surface of the volcano and surroundings may respond to changes within the the volcano or deeper in the magma chamber. The volcano can swell (inflation) or subside (deflation) suggesting variations in the magma pressure.
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The geological process by which rocks are distorted, shifted and broken. The study of deformation is called structural geology. Common deformation structures include folds and faults.
the ways in which the rocks that make up the outer layer of the earth's crust respond to geologic forces. Tension, compression, and gravity are some of the forces acting on the crust. Folds and faults are the most common examples of deformation.
Deformation - A general term for folding and faulting of rocks as a result of various Earth forces.
Transformation; change of shape.
Abnormal form, shape, or position of part of the body caused by extrinsic/mechanical forces (such as clubfoot secondary to intrauterine constraint).
The change of a structural members shape that does not cause failure.
distortion of a loaded structural member; includes plastic, non- recoverable movement
A term, usually applied to completion tubulars which are distorted.
See map distortion.
A birth defect commonly suffered by geometers.
A technique for computing a displacement in model coordinates for each vertex of a primitive, based on data supplied with the vertex.
Applying a change to an object by pulling or pushing vertices, faces, or lattices.
a list of vertices and vectors
A tool available from the Tool Palette that allows you to apply various perspective effects. Tool Palette button= a square with an i in it.
Movement. Permanent deflection, non-elastic.
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The act of deforming, or state of anything deformed.
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an abnormal form or position of a portion of the body (e
a special type of continuous function