Definitions for "deficiency"
Any inadequacy or shortage of substances essential to growth and development of plants. Lacking in some quality, faculty, or characteristic necessary for completeness.
A sub optimal level of one or more nutrients that are essential for good health, most often seen with vitamins. A deficiency can be caused by poor nutrition. increased bodily demands (especially from intense train-ing), or both.
A sub optimal level of either one or more nutrients, often resulting in poor health.
The state of being deficient; inadequacy; want; failure; imperfection; shortcoming; defect.
An internal control shortcoming or opportunity to strengthen internal controls.
lack of an adequate quantity or number; "the inadequacy of unemployment benefits"
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a disorder in which the body doesn t produce enough
a disorder in which the body doesn t produce low immune system
a disorder in which the immune system fact body doesn t produce
The difference between the tax assessed by the IRS and the amount reported on a return.
the unpaid balance of a secured debt after a creditor has repossessed and sold the collateral, and applied the proceeds towards the debt owed.
Unpaid balance of a debt on property for which there is a security agreement, where the sale of the property has failed to pay the full amount of the debt owed.
Violation of federal minimum standards for patient care.
The federal government issues a deficiency to a nursing home when it fails to meet a federal regulation. State governments can also issue deficiencies when a nursing home fails to meet a state requirement.
a determination by the Department that a health care facility has violated one or more specific state licensure standards
a common predisposing factor
a critical factor in whether or not IgA-deficient persons have illness (frequent infections, autoimmune disorders, atopy, malabsorption)
an ideal disease for development of gene therapy methods, because there is selective pressure on nontransduced T cells, because they are not viable
a genetic disease that affects children, and leaves them defenceless against infection
a risk primarily among malnourished children
a widespread cause of corneal degeneration in children in developing nations
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adenosine deaminase deficiency
An element that is inadequate or missing from the requirements of he HACCP system.
dI5fIFEnsI/ n. the state of being inadequate
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Feb 8, 11:52 AM EST
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a disorder of public health importance in Sri Lanka
a key public health issue
the effect on a plant when one or more nutrients are not in sufficient supply
a common cause
a primary cause of nightblindness, yet there are few data on the prevalence of nightblindness in alcoholics (McClain et al
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an acnelike condition
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an anorectic response
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A condition of diminished or reduced function, energy, and materials of an organ or a process. For example, Wei Qi Deficiency can result in a lower resistance to cold and flu. The pulse is generally weak, deep, thin, or hollow; the tongue is commonly pale; and the nails are often pale as well.
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a feather stain above the cere
Portion of a loan which remains outstanding after pledged property has been liquidated (converted to cash) and applied to the outstanding balance.
The debit balance in the owner's equity account of a partner.
The difference between the balance outstanding on a loan and proceeds from the sale of the security property.
A situation in which a prescribed action was not carried out or an applicable requirement was not met.
a common condition, and, as a remedy, it is often prescribed as a supplement
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a global epidemic affecting around ten million individuals world wide
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a rare genetic disease
a useful model for other diseases that affect the lymphoid system
a regulatory requirement that a survey finds is not being met
Any finding, or observation that represents a deviation from the Standards for Laboratory Accreditation.
The absence of part of the normal genome or chromosome set. See deletion.
an inherited disease, resulting from a failure of B-cells to
Failure to meet a set performance standard.
Failure to meet quality standards.
an easily preventable cause of child death
a reduction of the child's ability to fight off infection
a step closer to becoming a commercial crop
An amount the Lessee is required to pay on termination of an Open End Lease if the actual cash value of the vehicle is less than the depreciated value of the vehicle.
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a possibility with most of the animals as many do not receive green grass
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See mineral deficiency.
A lower amount than necessary for functioning.
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not up to normal levels or not working as well as it should be