Definitions for "Deferment"
The act of delaying; postponement.
A limited time during which those eligible do not have to make loan or interest payments. Deferments vary according to the loan program. Those who qualify include full-time graduate and undergraduate students and those who are suffering a period of financial hardship.
Period during which a borrower who meets certain criteria may suspend loan payments. A Deferment occurs when the lender agrees to let you postpone repaying the loan for a period of time.
Official permission to delay the commencement of a tertiary course usually for the maximum period of one year.
UNSW allows applicants to delay the commencement of courses for a period of one year. Deferment is granted once an offer has been accepted. Applicants who defer an offer have automatic entry to the same course in the following year provided they do not undertake study at a tertiary institution during the year for which the deferment is granted. Also known as Program Leave.
Permission to delay starting a course, usually for one year.
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act of putting off to a future time
an entitlement, meaning it must be granted if you qualify