Definitions for "Defenders"
Defenders is a game, one that mixed Tactics, RPG, AI and Multiplayer, and one that I will be pleased to play endlessly. The 'Bones' project is home for the clients modules .
the players opposing the picker discard the play of a nontrump card other than the suit led; also, the removal of two cards after picking up the blind doubler a game in which points are doubled, which is sometimes played after a deal on which no one takes the blind doubleton an original holding of exactly two cards in a suit establish turn cards into winners by forcing out cards that would beat them
opponents of the maker discard a card played in a suit other than the suit led, and other than a trump eldest hand the player to the left of the dealer, who has the first opportunity to accept the turn-up as trump or, if no one accepts that card, to name a different suit as trump euchre to keep the maker's side from taking at least three tricks; a maker who takes fewer than three tricks is said to be "euchred," and the other side earns points hand the cards dealt to a player; or the entire deal (all four hands collectively, as in "a hand of Euchre")
Player who needs to get the ball from the opposition.
opponents of declarer.
The partnership in opposition to declarer.
The Defenders were a militant agrarian secret society in 18th century Ireland, who were involved in the 1798 rebellion.
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the side that did not make the final bid