Definitions for "Defaults"
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Simply a record placed by a bank or other financial institution when you take out a loan / credit card agreement which you have not paid stating you have not maintained your payments. Then they have registered that you have been issued with a Default Notice which you have set period to comply with
Standard values for parameters used if you haven't specified them.
Belated repayments on finance.
Preset conditions and attributes that determine the operation of the print driver. The default value is automatically assigned unless you specifically request another one.
Defaults are automatic values assigned by your Agenda for new Entries. Select Options | Entry Defaults. to change the default values for your Meetings, Day Events, Daily Notes and Tasks.
Defaults are automatic values assigned to new Entries by your Agenda. Select Tools Options Entry Defaults to change the default values for your Meetings, Day Events, Daily Notes and Tasks.
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A pre-set way that a computer performs certain operations unless a user instructs it to do otherwise.
The settings of ‘software configuration’ or ‘hardware configuration’ to a standard set of values for the user.
A set of behaviors that Silicon Graphics specifies on every system. You can later change these specifications, which range from the list of user accounts on the system to what type of drive you want to use to install new software.
Advertising term used to describe when an advertiser doesn't have enough advertisments to fill the websites inventory. Usually defaults are filled with PSA ads, or blanks.
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The nonpayment of principal and/or interest on the due date as provided by the terms and conditions of the note.