Definitions for "default"
Failure to make required debt payments on a timely basis or to comply with other conditions of an obligation or agreement.
A failing or failure; omission of that which ought to be done; neglect to do what duty or law requires; as, this evil has happened through the governor's default.
Fault; offense; ill deed; wrong act; failure in virtue or wisdom.
Process by which EIS automatically assigns a value to a field; the value remains in effect unless overridden.
This is the factory setting or configuration of software or hardware.
the original settings; what will happen if you don't change anything
An alternative value, attribute, or option that is assumed when none has been specified.
The value of an argument, field, or part of a command line assumed by a program if a specific value is not supplied by the user.
Value used when you do not explicitly specify a value
To leave out of account; to omit.
the value supplied by the system when the user omits it from a parameter list on a command or control statement. WWWebfx Home Page
From Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.1 ( 2004-02-04) If the declaration is neither #REQUIRED nor #IMPLIED, then the AttValue value contains the declared default value; the #FIXED keyword states that the attribute MUST always have the default value. When an XML processor encounters an element without a specification for an attribute for which it has read a default value declaration, it MUST report the attribute with the declared default value to the application.
A win declared because of the opponent's disqualification or injury.
A win declared when the opponent is disqualified or injured too badly to wrestle, and does not appear when his name is called for the bout.
Being disqualified from a match for any reason.
A value or option selected by the computer in the absence of specific instructions by the user.
The way a computer performs a task in the absence of other instructions.
The selection made by the computer in the absence of specific instructions by the user.
A designation on a credit report that indicates a person has not paid a debt. Accounts usually are listed as being in default after several reports of delinquency. Defaults are very serious and are considered as negatives on a credit report.
The status of debt with delinquent or nonpayments.
A designation on a credit report that indicates a person has not paid a debt that was owed. Accounts usually are listed as being in default after several reports of delinquency. Defaults are a serious negative item on a credit report.
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This is when you are unwilling or unable to pay your debts.
Inability to pay out debts or fulfill liabilities. Any debt means trust, and inability to pay debts is a violation of the liability undertaken.
The unsuccessful fulfillment of one's debt or promises.
The standard configuration or values for a screen, program, or field. For example, the default Desktop is displayed the very first time you start the Desktop, before you have made any changes.
What the system will do for you if you don't specify anything. Never the same thing twice.
is what you get until and unless you assert that you want something else. This meaning is used widely in computer applications.
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Any default under the terms of the Agreement, this Correspondent Sellers Guide or the Master Servicer Guide, as applicable.
A bond that ceases to pay interest (because the issuer has financial problems) is in default of the terms of the bond agreement, and is said to be in default. Clearly, purchasing a bond in default is an extremely risky investment.
When the issuer of a bond does not maintain interest payments or repay the face value of the  bond at maturity.
The basic set-up of a system, which is used unless the user specifies otherwise. For example, the default printer is the printer to which a document is sent for printing, unless the user specifies it should go elsewhere.
What a program does unless you tell it otherwise. The "default" page is the first page your Web browser displays when you start it.
Standard assumptions a computer system uses unless otherwise instructed.
Choosing the default option enables you to avoid making a decision. If you not sure what to choose, select default.
Some add content forms may have options already selected for you
A response or option assumed to be the most appropriate by the computer. In microBRIAN, defaults are given in '[ ]' at the end of a prompt and may be selected by typing '/' and hitting the return key.
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One of the four access modifiers in Java. If an element or method is denoted as default (or has no access modifier, hence it is given the modifier of defualt), it is only accessible from within the class where it is defined and the package that class is defined in.
When a defendant doesn't file an answer in time or go to court when s/he is supposed to. If the defendant was properly notified, the judge can decide the case without him or her.
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A person is said to have defaulted when he does not pay the whole of the car loan or any other loan in full.
Not honoring a legal commitment is known as a default. One common type of default is not paying back a loan.
Margin VA Loan
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Currently selected disk drive and user number. Any command that does not specify a disk drive or a user number references the default disk drive and user number. When CP/M is first invoked, the default disk drive is drive A, and the default user number is 0.
The condition that is standard if no specific preferences have been determined by the user.
That which is chosen by the Operating System or program if the user doesn't specify something different. E.g. default drive, default printer, default directory, etc..
the "normal" or "startup" state of a hardware device or software application.
A default is awarded when one of the competitor's is unable to continue for any reason.
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money placed in trust by the purchaser when an Offer to purchase is made. The sum is held by the real estate representative or a lawyer until the sale is closed, and then paid to the vendor.
A default action in a state is the reduction to be taken if there is no possible transition for a particular input symbol. Most states have only one reduction, the default reduction. Those states that have multiple reductions, also have a default reduction. Those states that don't have a default reduction are error states.
Patient stopping treatment before completion.
The pre-defined configuration of a system or an application. In most programs, the defaults can be changed to reflect personal preferences.
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Can refer to the currently open tree (tree name and shot) or to the currently defined node default within that tree.
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A system-provided role.
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as in the C switch construct.
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Includes each of the events of default listed in Section 7(1).