Definitions for "Deductions"
Amounts or items subtracted as allowable expenses from gross income for income tax purposes or from gross estate for death tax purposes.
is money you spend to enable you to earn income - allowable deductions only - such as stationery, equipment, rent, electricity, telephone and tools. The value of the deduction is subtracted from assessable income to calculate your taxable income.
Transactions which cause a reduction in your account, including, but not limited to, withdrawals, expense charges and loan disbursements.
money taken out of pay by employer for superannuation, health care, etc
Any amounts of money deducted from an employeeâ€(tm)s pay. Except by court order or a request by Centrelink, an employer may only make a deduction from an employeeâ€(tm)s pay if authorised in writing by the employee or the deduction is principally for the benefit of the employee.
The amount withheld from the basic pay of an employee for the basic retirement benefit plan.
Deductions are made for Bonuses, chargebacks, refunds, and processing costs.
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When a horse is scratched from a race after betting on that race has already started, deductions are taken out of the win and place bets at a rate in proportion to the odds of the scratched horse.