Definitions for "Dedicated Access"
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Dedicated access to a network, either the Internet or a corporate intranet or extranet,is accomplished by purchasing a communications line (such as a fractional T1/E1 or Frame Relay depending on the speed required) that is indefinitely reserved for your transmissions rather than switched as transmission is required. Frame Relay and Fractional T1/E1 services are both high-speed connections. Frame Relay services are switched using permanent virtual circuits (PVSs) between locations,whereas T1/E1 service provide dedicated rather than switched circuits. A full T1/E1 connection has 24 channels, each of which provides 64 Kbps. You can lease T1/E1 lines in smaller, less expensive increments-hence the term "fractional" T1/E1-from 56 kbps all the way up to 1.544/2.048 Mbps.
Connection between a customer's premises and an interexchange carrier (IXC). All transmissions on this dedicated line are automatically routed to the IXC. Provided by a local exchange carrier (LEC), alternate access provider or IXC.
Opposed to shared access, a dedicated access provides your own broadband connection line to the Internet.
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see Dedicated Line