Definitions for "decompression"
the process, analogous to sense 2, undergone by divers in a decompression chamber, in which an artificially high atmospheric pressure is gradually lowered to normal pressure.
the process of converting digitally encoded data from a more compact (compressed) form to its original, larger size.
To convert a compressed file or signal back into the original data before it was compressed.
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the process of experiencing decompression; the act or process of relieving or reducing pressure.
the reduction of atmospheric pressure experienced by divers rising from deep water to the surface, thus reducing the concentration of dissolved atmospheric gases in the blood; -- especially applied to a gradual reduction of such pressure.
a return to a normal, more relaxed state after a period of intense stress, psychological pressure, or urgent activity; -- of people.
Decompression is a stylistic choice in comic book storytelling, characterized by a strong emphasis on visuals or character interaction and usually resulting in slow-moving plots.
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A party held one month after Burning Man to give participants a brief chance to return to Black Rock City. Offers relief from the Reality Bends.