Definitions for "Decommissioning"
Activities taken to reduce the potential health and safety impacts of commercial and DOE-contaminated facilities, including removing a unit from operation, decontamination, entombment, dismantlement, or conversion of the site to another use.
The process wherby a nuclear power station is shut down at the end of its economic life and eventually dismantled, and the site made available for other purposes
Decontamination and dismantlement of retired, contaminated facilities and removal and/or disposal of the resulting wastes.
(4) process by which a mining operation is shut down.
Planning for the eventual shut down of an oil or gas field - in particular from the standpoint of what to do with the platform structure.
The process by which paramilitary groups hand in their weapons. People also use the phrase "putting weapons beyond use," which is not considered the same as handing over arms.
undertaken in order to end operations of a gas pipeline, associated plants and equipment. It may occur at the end of the life of the plant, following an accident, for technical or financial reasons, and/or on environmental or safety grounds.