Definitions for "DECODER"
This is the electronic unit that receives the signals from the scanning function, performs the algorithm to interpret the signals into meaningful data and provides the interface to other devices.
Device (either hardware or software) for converting coded information back into its original form.
In general: Device performing a 'decoding' function, e. g. a digital-to-analog converter Specifically: Composite color video decoder, e. g. ' NTSC decoder' or ' SECAM decoder', for producing Component Video from Composite Signals.
A program to decompress (unpack) audio data which is in a compressed format (such as MP3 or WAV).
The software that parses data from one format into a common format for use by another process such as a plotter or lister, or software that further manipulates data.
Program to uncompress audio data which comes in a compressed format. An example to use a decoder would be if you wanted to change MP3 to WAV.
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a codec, download it and try it
Same as Codec
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Decoder is the stage name of Drum and bass and Jungle producer Darren Beale.
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a core component of the SMT systzm
That portion of a processor's control unit that interprets instructions.
The tuner in a digital set
A circuit that determines the content of a given instruction and performs digital to analog conversion of picture and sound elements.
the unit in a set-top box used to decrypt an encrypted television transmission.
A box which, normally together with a viewing card, makes it possible to view encrypted transmissions. If the transmissions are digital, the decoder is usually integrated in the receiver.
Unit that is connected to a satellite receiver in order to unscramble a picture that is protected by encryption.
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a special software program that enables your computer to play a DVD