Definitions for "Deception"
The act of deceiving or misleading.
The state of being deceived or misled.
That which deceives or is intended to deceive; false representation; artifice; cheat; fraud.
Avoidance of an attempt to engage the blades; seedisengage, coupe'
avoidance of an attempt to engage the blades; see disengage, coupe'
An avoidance of your opponent's blade during an attempt to engage.
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Deception is a 1946 film noir made by First National Pictures-Warner Bros.. It was directed by Irving Rapper. The film is based on a play by Louis Verneuil.
Deception was to be the last album released by the British new wave band, The Colourfield. During the recording of the album Karl Shale left during the sessions. Terry has since voiced his displeasure with the recording of the album because he did not feel he had the control of the session musicians and producers the way he needed to preserve The Colourfield’s sound.
an illusory feat; considered magical by naive observers
Marketing communications that leave consumers with information or beliefs that are incorrect or cannot be substantiated.
Deception is the covert manipulation of perception to alter thoughts, feeling, or beliefs.
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The code name for Iwo Jima Operation.
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Deception is the ninth episode of the second season of House and the thirty-first episode overall.
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mind control mechanism. See the deception entry in the Cult FAQ.
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Nausea Ulcer
For the purposes of English law, deception is defined in s15(4) Theft Act 1968 and applies to the deception offences in the Theft Act 1968, and to the Theft Act 1978 and the Theft (Amendment) Act 1996.
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a lie, from the Father of Lies
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An important and accepted tool of poker.