Definitions for "Deceit"
An attempt or disposition to deceive or lead into error; any declaration, artifice, or practice, which misleads another, or causes him to believe what is false; a contrivance to entrap; deception; a wily device; fraud.
Any trick, collusion, contrivance, false representation, or underhand practice, used to defraud another. When injury is thereby effected, an action of deceit, as it called, lies for compensation.
This is behavior which is dishonest and/or fraudulent, where the truth is altered to intentionally mislead and deceive another party.
Deceit is the second album by This Heat. Deceit is considered by many as a classic of the post-punk era and was ranked by Pitchfork Media as the 20th greatest album of the 1980s. The Trouser Press Record Guide called the album "austere, brilliant and indescribable."
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Deceit is an original novel written by Peter Darvill-Evans and based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It features the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Bernice. A prelude to the novel, also penned by Darvill-Evans, appeared in Doctor Who Magazine #198.
Method of solving a dilemma by pretending to have adopted a new frame without actually having done so. For example, a party with a cooperation dilemma may pretend to have solved it by adopting a frame in which it does not prefer to, or is unable to, "defect" from its position while secretly it intends to defect if the position is implemented. In this way, it eliminates another party's doubt about its position. Another example: a party with a rejection dilemma may pretend to have solved it by changing its preferences so that it now prefers the threatened future to another party's position. Note that there can be no deceit in regard to positions or stated intentions, since by definition these are what parties say they are.