Definitions for "Deceased"
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as determined by the date of death or as reported on the Credit Bureau, (i) Debtor must have been deceased prior to the Closing date of this Agreement, (ii) if there are two or more debtors on the same account or the debtor is in a non–community property state, and all debtors must be deceased.
Deceased is a death metal band from Virginia. Founded in 1984, the first band to sign to Relapse Records, they released four full albums through the label, along with a number of EPs, demos and re-releases of early demos. Leaving Relapse Records in 2003 to sign to Thrash Corner, the band continues to release material to this day.
One who has died.
commonly written "the deceased," meaning someone who has died.
A person, known to Banner, who has died. Depending on how the person's record is involved in Banner, one or more Banner module users participate in changing the record. Addresses are inactivated and links with spouse records are changed.
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Declaration of intention
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Student deceased.