Definitions for "DEBT SERVICE"
The sum of money needed each payment period to amortize the loan or loans. Back to the Top
The series of payments of interest and principal required on a debt over a given period of time.
the sum of loan repayments, interest payments, commitment fees and other charges on foreign and domestic borrowings.
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The combined total of credit card, auto, mortgage or other debt which you pay on a monthly basis.
Glossary-D Debt Service is the total amount of debt (credit cards, mortgage, car loan) that an individual is carrying at any one time.
The total amount of credit card, auto, mortgage or other debt upon which you must pay. Also referred to as your back end ratio. Lenders like to see this ratio in the 40% range. As in 40% of your income goes toward your monthly debt. Higher debt ratio loans are available.
Money used to retire debt incurred for capital projects in approved capital budgets; purposes approved by voter referendum; and in response to disasters. Debt service paid by the General Fund should not exceed four percent of revenues.
The process of paying off a loan; the term is generally used in connection with the apportionment of a specific portion of revenue from a project that is needed to retire the loans incurred in connection with that project.
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The sum of money needed each month or year to amortize a loan.
See Amortization.
Debt service coverage Debt service coverage ratio
Debt Service Constant
See Annual Debt Service .
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