Definitions for "Debt Refinancing"
This involves raising new money to repay existing debt. It is often done and should not be confused with debt restructuring, a more fundamental process in which a borrower changes the structure of its debts (this usually happens when a borrower is unable to meet it's obligations; this may involve a reorganization of its liabilities, for instance by converting debt into equity. Debt rescheduling refers to a delay in the repayment of a debt, usually applying to both interest and principal payments, and can involve a renegotiation of the terms of the debt.
Our clients can consolidate existing equipment loans into one transaction with one monthly payment.
The raising of new money by a company in order to pay off existing debt. This is something that borrowers do all the time, and it does not signify trouble. Debt restructuring is a more fundament (More)
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The procedure by which overdue payments or future debt-service obligations on an Officially supported export credit are repaid by setting up a new refinancing loan. Such a loan may be extended by an Export credit agency, a governmental institution or a commercial bank. In the latter case it will carry the guarantee of the export credit agency. Français: Refinancement de la dette Español: Refinanciación de la(s) deuda(s)
Relief in which a new loan or grant is arranged to enable debtor to meet service payments on earlier loan.