Definitions for "Debt Management"
A Debt Management Plan (DMP) enables you to make reduced repayments to your creditors over a number of years. A debt management company will negotiate the payments with your creditors on your behalf.
Program developed by banks to assist consumers in repayment of their debts.
A process to reduce, and eventually erase, outstanding debt by managing assets and dealing with creditors. This can be created with the help of a Credit Counselor.
A form of dealing with debt where the debtor can pay their debts (including interest and penalty charges) in full - they just need a bit more time. The debtor will keep control of their assets, most importantly they will keep their home.
A plan to help and solve credit problems. Usually created by another person after studying your particular details.
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fee-based services provided to individuals with large amounts of debt, usually the described as a way to "get out of debt" or "become debt free".