Definitions for "Debit card"
a small usually plastic card with a magnetic coded number, similar to a credit card, which is used to pay for purchases by the electronic deduction of a sum of money (a debit) directly from the card-holder's bank account. Such cards do not require the establishment of a credit line, and such transactions do not incur any interest payments.
A payment card used to make purchases or to obtain cash. The amount of a debit card purchase or withdrawal is debited from the cardholder's account immediately. Contrast with credit card and charge card.
A card which allows customers to access their funds immediately, electronically. Unlike a credit card, a debit card does not have any float.
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tarjeta débito (la)
e Scheckkarte (-), e Euroscheckkarte
a convenient and affordable solution for the unbanked
a safe and convenient way to pay for your purchases
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a good choice for extended stays away from home
a good idea as well but not all places accept them and depending on where you're going, finding a cash machine may prove to be difficult
Used to transfer monies and pay for goods or services immediately upon use. Also used to withdrawl monies (cash) from a machine called a "teller machine."
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a remittance slip
a dangerous weapon to wield if you want to live a high lifestyle
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a tremendous tool that comes
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a device by which a person can make John Kane - Direct telephone calls
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Debt Collector
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a static single-purpose device which cannot be changed easily
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a great way for
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a deposit access program