Definitions for "Deanery"
A geographic area identified by the Bishop and incorporating several parishes in close proximity. There are 9 deaneries in our Diocese. (Chaleur/Miramichi, Fredericton, Kingston/Kennebecasis, Lancaster, St. Andrews, Saint John, Shediac, Woodstock, York.)
A deanery is a grouping of parishes for the purpose of coordination and collaboration in pastoral activity.
a group of parishes
Refers to the designated area of responsibility of a Postgraduate Dean. Deaneries do not conform geographically to the NHS Regions. See also Postgraduate Dean and Region.
The designated area of responsibility of a postgraduate dean and who, in England, has been appointed jointly by the NHS Executive and a university.
An NHS Deanery is a regional organisation, within the structure of the UK National Health Service (NHS), responsible for postgraduate medical and dental training.
The office or the revenue of a dean. See the Note under Benefice, n., 3.
the position or office of a dean
The territorial jurisdiction of a dean.
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The residence of a dean.
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Where the Dean lived