Definitions for "Dealer"
One who distributes cards to the players.
(1) the player who deals the cards;(2) the player first to call.
The person who deals the cards or the operator of a gambling game in a casino.
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One who deals; one who has to do, or has concern, with others; esp., a trader, a trafficker, a shopkeeper, a broker, or a merchant; as, a dealer in dry goods; a dealer in stocks; a retail dealer.
A person who holds property primarily for sale to his or her customers in the ordinary course of his or her business. Back to the Top
A person (or firm) who facilitates transactions in the secondary market. They make their living on the difference between the prices they pay for the assets in their inventory and what they sell them for.
a specialist in collectibles. Expect to pay top prices from dealers but they generally have the best selection of models including rare variations
A generic term referring to a retail service station or convenience store operator usually affiliated with a brand identity or program. A dealer typically leases the facility from a refiner or jobber.
A satellite television dealership, consumer electronics retail outlet, or a local distributor who sells the DIRECTV System and DIRECTV programming services to consumers.
A dealer is the market participant making operations on company's resource (bank) where he works.
A commercial shellfish shipper, reshipper, shucker- packer, repacker, or depuration processor or operation. (1)
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a person that is dealing each hand and is not playing at all
A person who supplies magicians with tricks, books, videos, and other items.
The player who has dealt the hand. The dealer is always 4th hand for the first trick of the hand unless playing a local variation of Euchre where specific rules apply when going alone.
The term "Dealer" means an individual or a corporate body appointed as a dealer of OTCEI. The functions of the dealer are: Broking activities Underwriting To act as a market maker (Compulsory/ Additional) To participate as co-investor in bought- out deals
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an assortment of refinancing
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a seller of illicit goods; "a dealer in stolen goods"
seller of drugs
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Dealer is a hard rock band from Linz, Austria.
someone who purchases and maintains an inventory of goods to be sold
One who holds real property primarily for sale to customers, merchandise is inventory and gain on sale is treated as ordinary income.
The dealer is the party that orders and purchases the steel building system from the supplier. The dealer resells the building to the end-user. The dealer is an independent contractor and not an agent for the supplier. The dealer may or may not provide erection or other services necessary to complete the construction project.
Our preferred dealer network and supplier of the vehicle.
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a guarantor of the finance contract
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The one who is responsible for all the bets made on his half of the table
a guy who spends his whole day answering his cell and hopping from spot to spot
A person or company licensed as such under chapter 7 of the Corporations Law.
a person owning and operating a real part-time or full-time business
a person whose business manufactures energy-using products in
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See "Comic Book Dealer."
person, distributing drugs
Development program Distributive Process
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An individual licensed by the state to conduct the sale and purchase of new or used vehicles.
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A Dealer is a user who works on behalf of the Trading Member