Definitions for "Deadweight"
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Abbreviation: DWT The total weight of cargo, cargo equipment, bunkers, provisions, water, stores and spare parts which a vessel can lift when loaded to her maximum draught as applicable under the circumstances. The dead-weight is expressed in tons.
Vessel's carrying capacity including cargo, ballast water, fuel, freshwater, passengers, etc.
1. In maritime terms, the deadweight of a vessel is the maximum weight of the cargo, crew, stores and bunkers that it can carry when loaded so that it settles in the water to the Plimsoll line. This is also measurable by the weight of the water the vessel displaces when fully loaded less the displacement when it was unloaded. 2. Deadweight cargo is cargo of such high density that a long ton (2240 lbs.) of such cargo can be stowed in less than 70 cubic feet.
Deadweight is defined as effects which would have arisen even if the intervention had not taken place. Deadweight usually arises as a result of inadequate delivery mechanisms which fail to target the intervention's intended beneficiaries sufficiently well. As a result, other individuals and groups who are not included in the target population end up as recipients of benefits produced by the intervention. Deadweight is really a special case of programme inefficiency. See also delivery mechanisms, efficiency, target population.
A way of measuring the benefits of a programme which identifies the things that would have occurred anyway without the intervention of the programme (see additionality)
the speed at which (a) the cue ball will only reach its intended target, e.g. nudge a ball (potting it or not) and stay there; or (b) the object ball will only just reach the pocket.
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"Deadweight" is a single by Beck, taken from the soundtrack to the film A Life Less Ordinary. The song was nominated for Best Song From A Movie at the 1998 MTV Movie Awards, but lost out to Will Smith's "Men in Black.
Expenditure and activity associated with a particular project, which would have occurred without assistance from the SRB.
Projects where a proportion of the benefits would have been achieved without ERDF assistance are said to display deadweight