Definitions for "Deacon"
An officer in Christian churches appointed to perform certain subordinate duties varying in different communions. In the Roman Catholic and Episcopal churches, a person admitted to the lowest order in the ministry, subordinate to the bishops and priests. In Presbyterian churches, he is subordinate to the minister and elders, and has charge of certain duties connected with the communion service and the care of the poor. In Congregational churches, he is subordinate to the pastor, and has duties as in the Presbyterian church.
Late Latin diaconus, a servant of the church (Greek diakonos, servant or messenger) -- a Christian elder or church officer who helps the minister, primarily in matters not having to do with worship; a cleric ranking just below a priest in the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches; to read a verse aloud before it is sung by the congregation. A deaconess is a female deacon, usually appointed to assist members of the congregation or parish, such as the sick and poor. Diaconal is of a deacon or deacons (adjective). Diaconate is the rank office, or tenure of a deacon, or a board of deacons.
A member of the clergy ordained by a Bishop and set apart by the Church for a special ministry of servanthood -- particularly on behalf of the poor, the weak, the sick, and the lonely. Deacons serve under the direct authority of the Bishop. Our Deacon is the Rev. Theorphlis M Borden ("").
The chairman of an incorporated company.
the senior elected official of an incorporation; many societies and fraternities also elected deacons. Societies and fraternities also used the terms president (preses), chairman, chancellor and master. By the nineteenth century the terms grand master, past grand master and depute grand master were in common use to describe the current, immediate past and scheduled next leaders; these terms were borrowed from freemasonry. The annually elected president of an order was termed 'right worshipful master', another borrowing from freemasonry. More about Gardeners and freemasonry. (Insert Link to p24 here)
With humorous reference to hypocritical posing: To pack (fruit or vegetables) with the finest specimens on top; to alter slyly the boundaries of (land); to adulterate or doctor (an article to be sold), etc.
The AEC Mk I Gun Carrier, known as Deacon, was a British armoured fighting vehicle of the Second World War. It was an attempt to make the QF 6 pounder anti-tank gun into a self-propelled artillery piece. It was employed only during the North African Campaign (1942-1943).
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To read aloud each line of (a psalm or hymn) before singing it, -- usually with off.
Deacon is the designation of an American sounding rocket. The Deacon was launched 90 times from 1947 to 1957 from Wallops Island. The Deacon has a maximum flight height of 20 kilometers and a pay load ability of 17 kilograms.
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a thing that sits along the seashore and blinks at night
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a brand of Hanover Park Commercial Ltd
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The skin of a newborn calf; a very small calfskin.
a model stimulating members to commit themselves faithfully to their particular service
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a person of spiritual integrity