Definitions for "DDL"
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Data Definition Language. A database schema is specified by a set of definitions expressed by a special language called a Data Definition Language.
Data Definition Language. Those statements in SQL that define, as opposed to manipulate, data. For example, CREATE TABLE, CREATE INDEX, GRANT, and REVOKE.
Data definition language. Includes statements like CREATE/ALTER TABLE/INDEX, which define or change data structure.
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ata efinition anguage.
An effects device which allows you to delay signal beyond the short times required for reverb or echo.
digital driving level. A digital value which given as input to a display system produces a luminance. The set of DDLs of a display system is all the possible discrete values that can produce luminance values on the display system. The mapping of DDLs to luminance values for a display system produces the characteristic curve of that display system. The actual output for a given DDL is specific to the display system and is not corrected for the grayscale standard display function.
See Digital delay line.