Definitions for "DCT"
DVB / MPEG-2 algorithm that facilitates intra-frame coding, by concentrating the signal energy in only a few coefficients.
Digital Component Technology, a format for component digital video tape recorders with 10-bit sampling and mild compression. Introduced in 1992 by Ampex.
Discrete Cosine Transform. The basic mathematical algorithm employed by most lossy video compression techniques such as MPEG, JPEG, and H.26x. Used to convert data between the spatial domain and the frequency domain.
Digital Cable Television (e.g. NTL or Telewest)
DCT is a device that connects to the cable coming into your home. A DCT allows you to view digital channels on your television. DCTs typically feature an interactive program guide and parental controls — this also allows you to order Pay-Per-View movies and events right from the terminal or set-top box using your remote.
Digital Cordless phone Transceiver
distal convoluted tubule. The portion of the nephron closest to the connecting tubules and collecting duct; an important site of active secretion.
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Dataset Cutting Tool. An NCES web application that is part of the IPEDS Peer Analysis System (PAS). The DCT allows users to quickly create a customized IPEDS dataset to meet their data needs.
Dictionary (file name extension)
Dictionary (various) or MS Visual Foxpro Database Container
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Deputy Commission of Taxation
Diversified Career Technology
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Data Capture Template A web form that captures web page content
Direct Connection Telephone. An Internet telephone program that does not use an operator but permits direct calls to fixed IP addresses.
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Damage Control Unit