Definitions for "DCF"
Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
A method of evaluating an investment by estimating future cash flows and taking into consideration the time value of money.
Assessment method that uses an extended view into the future of up to 20 years, calculating the current value of the company based upon estimated future earnings discounted to the present.
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Data Capture Facility
Dry Cleaning Facility
See Distribution Centre Facility. (centre de desserte postale – CDP)
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Disengage Confirm.
RAS message sent as a disengage confirmation.
dispersion compensating fiber
dispersion-compensating fibers
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Design Rule for Camera File System - an industry standard for saving digital images. This not only determines the file type, but also sets the rule for naming the folder and file structure. It allows the conversion of uncompressed TIFF files into compressed JPEG files. This JPEG file is of the Exif type and can contain camera information such as the date.
digital coding frequency ( atomic clock, e.g.)
Department of Children and Families