Definitions for "DCE"
Data Communications Equipment. These are computer peripherals that communicate. A modem is a DCE.
Data Circuit-terminating Equipment. An equipment that establishes, maintains, and terminates a connection, and performs the conversion necessary for communications. For example, in the case of an EIA 232-D connection, the modem is usually considered as DCE.
data circuit-terminating equipment. Data circuit-terminating equipment is required to attach data terminal equipment (DTE) to a network or serial line. Data circuit-terminating equipment (DCE) includes devices such as modems and ISDN terminal adapters.
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Distributed Computing Environemnt
The Open Software Foundations specification for a set of integrated services, including remote procedure calls, distributed file systems, and security services. The OSF-DCE RPC standard is the basis for Microsoft RPC.
Distributed Computing Enviroment
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1,2 dichloroethane is the intermediate for making PVC. It is made by direct chlorination of ethylene or by oxychlorination, where a mix of hydrochloric acid, oxygen/air and ethylene is transformed to DCE and water by a copper catalyst. The hydrochloric acid may come from the cracking of DCE to form VCM, or from external processes, or from the incineration of chlorinated wastes. Other industrial used reactions to make DCE also exist or are developed. DCE is also used as raw material for the production of amines.
DCE An Industry-standard middleware platform. DCE provides a number of security services, such as access control based on Access Control Lists (ACLs), a Kerberos-based authentication system, an interface to the GSS-API, delegation and audit.
Refers to any X.25 networkcomponent that implements the CCITT X.25 standard. ... more
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