Definitions for "DBV"
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Decibels - Voltage.
A unit of measurement equal to the dBu but not used anymore because it was easy to confuse it with "dBV".
A measurement of the logarithmic difference in voltage from 0dBV (1.0 V , the reference being 1V RMS). A unit of measurement of audio signal level in an electrical circuit, expressed in decibels referenced to 1V RMS across any impedance. Commonly used to describe signal levels in consumer equipment. To convert dBV to dBu, add 2.2 dB.
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DB Verify is an Oracle utility shipping with Oracle releases 7.3.2 and above. It is used to check the integrity of database data files. Example usage on Unix: dbv file=/u01/oradata/ORCL/sysORCL.dbf Windows NT example: DBVERFxx FILE=d:\orant\database\systORCL.dbf Notes: If your file extension is not ".dbf", you might need to setup a symbolic link ( alias) to a dbf name before using DBV. For RAW devices you should use START and END parameters.
Deutschen Badminton-Verbandes
Delivery by Value. A mechanism in some settlement systems (including CREST) whereby a member may borrow or lend cash versus overnight collateral. The system automatically selects and delivers securities and retrieves them the following day over the term of the transaction.