Definitions for "DataView"
A Highlander Dataview is a data structure containing multiple datasets, rules for making dimension queries, and data reduction algorithms. A dataview can provide a transparent view to a single dataset or can combine datasets in various ways such as by forming ratios. User-defined calculations using summarized data are implemented by dataviews. End users interact with dataviews directly, datasets.
a bindable, customized view of a DataTable
a class that provides a customized view of the DataSet
DataView is an enterprise web reporting tool and integration tool for your enterprise information reporting needs. It allows you to develop, deploy and organize fully customizable data marts for the decision makers throughout your organization.
a data-aware grid or list of data that handles list display, reporting, and multi-row data entry
Any collection or representation of data which can be used to discover data element requirements in the domain of interest; for example, screen or report images, data flows on a data flow diagram, graphs, forms and file/record layouts.