Definitions for "Database system"
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a database together with the DBMS software
a software and hardware system whose www-cse
a software program which facilitates access to the data in the database, and permits the individual using it to select subsets of the data according to given categories
a collection of databases that are all administered by the same Unix user and managed by a single postmaster
a program, such as Microsoft Access or Paradox, that creates and manages data for you in a special format
A program that enables you or a site to store and manage large amounts of information, like a long list of email addresses.
a program that organizes, manipulates, retrieves, and reports data
a term describing all the individual database files plus all the programs and procedures used to manipulate the data
A computer program (like MS Access, Oracle, and MySQL) for manipulating data in a database.
a set of computerised databases, all of which hold information on language and literacy related areas
a collection of information organized in such a way that data may be accessed quickly
a computer-based system for the storage and structured retrieval of information
a storage container for data as well as a mechanism for accessing that data
a computer-based system to record and maintain information
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