Definitions for "Data types"
All data is not the same, and different types of data must be handled in different ways. See also Binary data, Categorical data, Continuous data, Count, Discrete data, Ordinal data.
Three data types are used to allow the Netsize Active Gateway components to exchange messages dynamically: arrays, frames and slots.!-- if (navigator.appName=="Netscape") { document.write("img src='separation.bmp' x-maintain-ratio='TRUE' height='14' width='687' border='0'");} else { document.write("img src='separation.bmp' x-maintain-ratio='TRUE' style='border-style: none; height: 14px; float: none; width: 687px;' height='14' width='687' border='0'");
How information is stored in the computer. Text and numbers are stored differently. Also, integers and real numbers are stored differently. The types are: byte text and image data; short or int integer data. In most cases just use int; float or double real numbers. In most cases just use float; string this is used for textual data.
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a trivial process
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The parts and subparts of an XML schema that are used as the basis of all the larger components in schema.