Definitions for "Data type"
Keywords:  integer, memo, char, boolean, scalar
Fundamental characteristic of data being stored in a computer. Common data types are: integer numeric, real numeric, character, logical (true or false), date.
A description of a variable defined by two properties: a domain, which is the set of values that belong to that type, and a set of operations, which defines the behavior of that type.
This term refers to a category of information that can be synchronised. The TrueSync® data types are the Calendar, Contacts, Memos, and To Do items.
Keywords:  tdd, tty, dual, band, digital
Digital TTY/TDD Dual-Band
an RMS-specific entity that acts like a bookmark into files for quicker RMS record retrieval
a category of certain objects for purposes of deciding which operations can be performed on them
a category of data that all Visual Basic values fall into
an amount of space needed to store the information related to a particular variable
a new data structure within Amira, it usually is associated with some new file format
a construct that is defined within the desktop database
a set of values and a set of operations defined on them
Defines what class of data can be stored in that attribute.
Structural metadata associated with digital data that indicates the digital format or the application used to process the data.
Keywords:  labelled, sum, ordered
an ordered labelled sum
A group of items belonging to the same domain and on which a specific set of operations can be performed.